$750 Per Person 


The guided bear tours consist of a 30-75 minute scenic flight to Lake Clark or Katmai National Park. You and your pilot will hop on the plane in Homer, AK and fly over the Cook Inlet. You and your guide will spend 3 hours walking through the park, where we guarantee you will see bears. You will have the opportunity to walk along the coast and see these magnificent animals. The pilot decides the location each day depending on the bear activity and weather.  We want to give you the best trip possible. 

You can book online or call us at (907)435-1111

or e-mail us at jbeartours@gmail.com

Brown grizzly bear eating grass

Being prepared will help you enjoy your trip to its fullest potential.  

1. Dressing in layers gives you the convenience to be comfortable in all weather and on the plane.  A rain coat can help keep you dry. We will provide waders to keep your feet and legs dry.

2. Bring Water to drink. 

3. Please bring crew length socks. Socks that cover more than your ankles.

4. Snacks are always welcome but can only be eaten in a particular spot designated by your guide. Eating in the plane is not allowed. This will help reduce the bears curiosity of the airplane.

5. Firearms and bear spray are not allowed on the airplane for everyone's safety. 

Destinations of our bear viewing tours include Chenitna Bay in Lake Clark National Park and Halo Bay in Katmai National Park.
Reflection of brown grizzly bear